Austin Poor


Want to see what I've been working on?

Check out some of my recent projects below.


A desktop application for interacting with the ChatGPT API, written with Rust, Tauri, React, and Mantine.

Algorithmic Color Palettes

Using clustering algorithms to create color palettes from movie stills.


A URL shortener written in Rust and deployed on


A simple HTTP testing library for Go.

Predicting Spotify Track Skips

Using a dataset of listening sessions to predict whether or not a user would skip a given track.

A sample TUI SSH server built with Go, Wish, and Lipgloss. Give it a try at!

RL Chrome Dino-Game Solver

Playing the Chrome no-internet-dinosaur game with Selenium, reinforcement learning, and heuristics.

Password Generator

A PoC of a password generator GUI app built with Rust, Tauri, and Svelte.


A PoC of a bcrypt password-hashing library for Node.js, written in Rust and Neon – designed to replace "bcrypt", which uses C++.

Handling ML Predictions in a Flask App

Handling long-running processes – like ML model predictions – inside a Flask app using Celery.


A CLI for executing multiple processes in parallel – like docker compose without the containers.

Political Text Classification with LSTMs

Using Deep Learning and LSTMs to attempt to classify the political leaning of a news article.

Grover's Algorithm in Processing

A visualization of Grover's Algorithm – a quantum algorithm for searching unstructured data – written in Processing.